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Finding Contacts on LinkedIn (and then adding them!)

I have a friend in Florida who wants to grow her online presence… and she wants to connect with many of the hundreds of contacts she has in her Top Producer Database.  If you’ve never used LinkedIn, and you are trying to find people that you have in your database as Stephen, and the person […]

profile photo No No's

Real Estate Profile Picture No No’s

Have you ever looked at a friend’s Facebook or LinkedIn Profile Picture and though, “WHAT??” How about the folks who only use a picture of their puppy, or a For Sale Sign? Please don’t get me wrong, I’m all for puppies. I’m pretty keen on babies and kittens, too, but not in our profile pictures! […]

Is Your Profile Image Consistent?

Real Estate Agents: What Should You Include In Your Web Profile?

I recommend that you write ONE REALLY long profile that tells the audience about you, includes information about your area, and your niche. You can then take points from that profile and share it as you have limited space in other places. Activerain gives you a ton of real estate to write your profile – […]

Shiney New Stuff!


Pinterest and Real Estate

I read an article that said Pinterest is bringing more hits to a website than Twitter is – and that got my attention!  I’d looked at it earlier, but I’m not the “Dream Board” kind of chick, and frankly, I didn’t get what all the hype was. Then they made it possible to add Pinterest […]


Drop Box for Real Estate

Have you heard people talking about “Working In The Clouds?”  Wonder what that means, and if it could help your Real Estate Business?  Dropbox is a great new service, and it’s a tool you should probably check out!  Imagine having a folder of information, just like the one you have in your file drawer somewhere, […]

Social Marketing Notes


Your Profiles – Do you Sound Like Brad?

I love the Progressive Commercials, Flo is just one of my favorites!  I can usually relate to her, and she makes me smile.  Recently they started running an ad where a guy is speaking about himself in 3rd Person.  He says, ” Brad needs Car Insurance, but Brad doesn’t want to pay too much.”  Flo […]


Facebook Notifications with Timeline

I’ve had several people mention that they are not getting their Facebook notifications on their phone the way they thought they would. Now that Timeline is here – it’s a great time to review your settings anyway, so I’ve done screen shot examples, (ideas) of what you might want to set them for. From any […]